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Links to twitter and Google+ are in the side bar (the tripple bar in the top right hand corner of the page). I've decided to settle upon a different layout, I'm aware that this disproportionately sizes several images on the main page. I'll try to get this sorted out another time. All the best, Andrew.
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Brexit Will Still Be A Success

The result of the UK's election is disappointing but created no mandate for watering down our exit from the European Union, it was secured both by the referendum in June of last year and the triggering of Article 50 in march. Making it not just the will of the Prime Minister but the will of the people and of the UK's democratically elected parliament.

Over 83 per cent of the vote went to 'Hard Brexit' parties, which combined account for over 90 per cent of the seats at Westminster. Brexit is not in doubt; its more sure than ever before and this election has therefore secured an unimpeachable mandate. All parties offering a second referendum, the Green Party, the Liberal Democrats and the SNP lost votes (and in the case of the SNP, lost seats as well).

Theresa May won the election, she'll go on to form a minority government with the aid of the DUP and with my disappointment she didn't receive a resounding endorsement of her Lancaster House Speech. What I think …

'Don't boo Labour, vote Conservative!' #ImWithHer

"My pitch is very simple, I'm Theresa May and I believe I'm the best person to be Prime Minister"

In an election one doesn't always get the option of voting for their primary candidate, for me that's been the case here. Originally I had supported Michael Gove and then Andrea Leadsom for leadership of the Conservative party but on June 8th we're expected to choose between Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn. Whatever you think of the two personally, the choice of who offers better governance couldn't be clearer.

The most notable part of Jeremy Corbyn's "leadership" has been his support for the outrageous and policies of the far left. He supports the unilateral disarmament of British nuclear weapons, while supporting the right of Iran to have its own unrestricted nuclear program. He's had an industrial policy to nationalize the mining of coal but not to burn coal, and supports self-determination for the people of Palestine but not for the p…

I Can Admit I was Wrong About Air Strikes in Syria

The United States fulfilled its moral responsibility both to the safety of its own people and to the people of Syria to respond to the Assad regimes use of chemical weapons, through a strategic military strike. Radar photography shows that on Tuesday Bashar al-Assad launched a chemical weapons attack near Idib on the eastern outskirts of Khan Sheikhun, allegedly targeting an ammunition warehouse supplying military equipment to ISIS and Al Qaeda. 

The attack offered a strategic advantage to the Assad regime, military gains are slow and the site of the attack borders a motorway connecting government held cities with rebel strong holds in the north and may also have been retaliation for the Hama offensive just less than a year, prior. 
So far the evidence that Assad carried out the attack is absolutely overwhelming, simply because he is the only who could have carried out this attack. The Turkish Health Ministry where many of the causalities were treated claim that the victims wounds were …

Lets Not Ally Ourselves With Putin

I'm somewhat amazed, every now and again being confronted somewhere on social media by a fellow eurosceptic who offers praise of Vladimir Putin. Whether its Diane James, Lubos Motl, Donald Trump, Peter Hitchens, Nigel Farage, George Galloway or Marine Le Pen people have somehow worked their way into this odd line of thought that "my enemies' enemy is my friend" even when the subject of that redemption is an authoritarian war criminal.
Let me be clear, I voted to leave the European Union, I value the rule of law, parliamentary democracy and personal liberty. Which the EU has replaced with the endless political integration, an unelected ruling body of bureaucrats and a tidal wave of unamendable regulation which has made us both poorer and our markets less liberal. But when I extend that same political philosophy to what goes on in the Russian state, where journalists and dissidents are murdered, where anti-corruption opposition (Mikhail Khodorkovsky) are imprisoned an…

A Vision for Global Britain

The Prime Minister is soon to make the defining speech of her carrier, as she prepares herself, her impassioned commitment to the referendum result swells strong like a fire fed by the wind. Within just hours of obtaining office, Theresa May assembled a committee for international trade and appointed its first trade minister, Liam Fox in over 43 years. She's taken every opportunity since to state that she wants "Britain to become a global leader in free trade".

Thus far these signs are encouraging. Free trade is an extension of free markets. It allows one to import goods without tariffs and creates competition for otherwise noncompetitive industries, to lower prices on goods and services and to generate wealth and income among impoverished and penurious countries.

It's what made the British Empire strong and in time, if we unlock its great perennial power will provide sustained growth in foreign countries far and above what could be achieved in foreign aid. As membe…

How much Information can you Store on the Surface of a Black Hole?

In the currently best understood theory of gravity, spacetime is a physical entity which curves, bends, dips and expands. In some regions where gravity is so strong, light can't escape and the region has formed a black hole. When one just skims through any physics journal there are a plethora of papers published on the "entropy" of black holes, on Hawking radiation and on "holograms". But why do so many cosmologists believe in the holographic principle? The arguments in favor are really rather convincing, so lets try and follow the logic behind it. The radius of a black hole is

The energy of any given photon that cuts across the even horizon is given as

Normally, the formula includes the Greek symbol Lambda for wavelength but in our case, we are throwing in photons with a wavelength equal to the radius of the black hole. Such that

We use this equivalence because we only want one bit of information to be associated with each photon, a photon with much smaller w…