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Margaret Thatcher's Legacy for Britain

The following is an adaptation of my thoughts at UCL's Conservative Society some months ago concerning the issue of the Conservative Parties vote of no confidence that lead to the resignation of Margaret Thatcher, her legacy for Britain and why she's so undeserving hated by the hard left.

When one enters parliament through members lobby there are four prime ministers commemorated and immortalized in statue form. The first of these figures, David Lloyd George seeded the beginnings of the welfare state, the second Winston Churchill served his tenure protecting us from physical annihilation during the Second World War, the third, Clement Attlee nationalized the health service and sought to drive Britain down the road of socialism and the fourth, the late Baroness Thatcher brought great economic revolution at the end of the Cold War.

It's been said of British politics that these last two figures though diametrically opposed were the only elections that ever really mattered. B…

Lightcone Structure of Spacetime

I want to start talking about some of the more philosophical aspects about physics but it won't be possible without going over important stuff. For this post I want to explain the lightcones that physicists use in relativistic physics. If you're already familiar with the concept of natural units you can go ahead and skip to the part labeled "lightcone structure of spacetime" and my feelings won't be hurt. But it may also help to watch Sabine Hossenfelder's video first. These are highly important to pin down in order to understand any branch of theoretical physics and what I discuss here is no exception. 
Lightcone Structure of Spacetime
In mathematics and physics the metric of spacetime allows us to calculate the shortest distance between two points, the famous metric equation for Euclidean geometry and space is is the Pythagorean theorem for a flat two dimensional triangle

The theorem can be extended in three dimensions by adding a third dimension of space f…